Be What You Want

Numerous individuals attempt to use the Law of Attraction to create a life that is truly deserving of them. They become frustrated with their lack of progress due to the fact that they have misunderstood the order of manifestation. Do not make the same mistake. Learn that in order to HAVE what you desire, you must first BE what you want and then DO what is necessary to achieve it.

Resistance from the outside world is one of the greatest obstacles people face when first attempting to apply the Law of Attraction. It appears that no matter what they do, the world opposes them. It appears that the greater their efforts, the greater the world's resistance. They then fall into the trap of attributing their problems to the outside world. If you wish to successfully and consciously use the Law of Attraction to your advantage, you must abandon this mindset.

"Be the change you wish to see in the world," advised Mahatma Gandhi, the great Indian leader who peacefully liberated his nation from British rule. These words are as relevant now as they were when this sage walked the earth. To obtain what you desire, you must be willing to do whatever is necessary, and this is only possible if you become that which you desire!

Let me explain this in a little more detail. The Law of Attraction can bring you any and all of your desires. In reality, if you follow the rules of this Universal Law, you can have anything you can imagine.

Attempting to change other people or the world is the incorrect strategy for achieving your goals. You must change yourself. By visualizing the things you desire and believing it is possible to obtain them, you will begin to attract them immediately. If you wish to change the world or other people, however, you are contemplating the very things you do not desire. You are affirming to yourself that the current state of affairs is unacceptable. Immediately, the Law of Attraction takes effect, and you begin to attract more of those things.