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As I lay my head to rest tonight, it’s as a mother of a 29 year old daughter. it amazes me to realize just how long ago it seems yet how short it feels as well. When you’re 17 days shy of becoming 20 and you give birth, you’re still a child yourself.

There’s no road map or book of wisdom to give direction. You simply take the lessons you’ve learned from your brief existence and do the best you can.

i was so young and naïve, believing in this magical perfect world I was going to create for her. In reality no matter how much money or how much time, I still could not provide all she deserves.

Mistakes came easy and the right decisions came hard, but in the end we raised one another…

My own mother was a child when I was born, I only came to truly appreciate that fact after her diagnosis with Alzheimer’s. All those years blaming and frustrated wasted….

After Micah, my daughter and Ariel, my grand daughter played Shutes and Ladders over FaceTime today I

had an overwhelming feeling of joy and appreciated how precious this life is…

Gifts from the stars ❤️❤️❤️

May God/Universe continue to give this beautiful soul all that she needs to feel safe and loved 🙏🏼 A’ho Dawk’ee

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