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Raise Your Vibrations

Quantity and quality of our energy flow profoundly influence our emotions, thoughts, and responses. The quality of our relationships, productivity, creativity, and health all depend on our ability to generate an abundance of energy that flows harmoniously. The following techniques and lifestyle choices will assist us in establishing a freer and more positive flow of energy and raise your vibrations.

Few of us are aware of the profound impact a healthy diet has not only on our physical health, but also on our emotional, mental, and spiritual states. A wholesome diet can improve physical health, emotional well-being, cognitive function, and spiritual connection.

Vitamins: If we suspect that our emotional state is also the result of a depleted nervous system, we may benefit from taking a powerful multivitamin and mineral supplement for a month.

Short one-day fasts or a "mono-diet" in which we consume only one type of food, such as apples, watermelon, or grapes, can significantly improve how we feel. If a "healing crisis" is triggered during fasting, some may experience a worsening of symptoms. A novice in this procedure should be assisted by a knowledgeable guide.

Herbs and flower essences: Some herbs can be very calming and/or energizing, providing an additional boost that may give us the confidence we need to make internal changes.

Daily Physical Exercise: The human body is a living machine, and like all machines, it needs to move in order to avoid developing issues. Physical activity is necessary not only for a healthy muscular, skeletal, and circulatory system, but also for a calm nervous system and a well-balanced endocrine system. This systemic harmony is necessary for mental and emotional tranquility.

Breathing techniques are essential for the free flow of vital energy throughout the body and mind. Bioenergy underlies all physical and mental processes. Breathing exercises are one of the most effective ways to increase and maintain our energy level, making us less susceptible to negative emotional states and illness. Before we begin, however, we should seek the guidance of an expert in breathing techniques.

Daily deep relaxation will relax the muscles, nerves, and all other bodily systems, thereby revitalizing the body and mind. In conjunction with the aforementioned techniques, deep relaxation contributes to the development of a robust and healthy immune system and serves as a form of self-therapy for psychosomatic illnesses.

Creative Self-Expression is more crucial to our physical, emotional, and spiritual health and harmony than the majority of people realize. Humans are imaginative creatures. Our raison d'être on Earth is to create in some fashion. We could produce a painting, piece of music, dance, family, business, etc. Self-expression is essential to our health, happiness, and harmony.

Meaningful Activity: This is required for us to feel that our lives are worthwhile. If we do not perceive our actions as meaningful, useful, or beneficial in some way, we lose our raison d'être and our health and happiness gradually decline.

Shiatsu massage, polarity massage, spiritual healing, Reiki, and other energy-based forms of massage are particularly effective for calming the nervous system and reducing negativity.

Cleansing Methods: Increasing the number of showers or baths is one simple method. Water contact can be therapeutic and calming.

Emotional Release: We may need to engage in a program of emotional release under the supervision of an experienced professional who can assist us in releasing pent-up emotions that sap our health and energy.

Social Harmonization: We must identify and overcome any fears or misconceptions that prevent us from feeling at ease with others.

Spiritual Orientation: Every individual has a unique relationship with the universe. Whether or not we adhere to a specific religion, it is essential for our inner equilibrium that we feel and cultivate our relationship with the whole as humanity, as nature, or as Spirit.

Self-Knowledge: In order to be liberated from the negative emotions and mechanisms that undermine our health, happiness, and relationships, we must comprehend our inner mechanisms, needs, desires, fears, expectations, beliefs, and subconscious processes.

This aspect of self-improvement typically requires the assistance of an experienced professional who can help us reprogram our subconscious with positive, more objective beliefs and perceptions of ourselves, others, and the world.

Unconditional Love: The ultimate key to a high and harmonious energy flow is demonstrating this to oneself and others.

Catherine Valliere

After a lifetime of exploration; 2020 Covid life, led me to a full time focus on the gifts of meditation, alternative health and spiritual well being. Anything I share comes from a place of healing from within myself and in no way is meant to replace professional medical advice. Please follow my journey...

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A'ho Namaste creates peace movement content and this information is not presented by a medical practitioner and is for educational and informational purposes only. The content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified healthcare provider with any questions you may have regarding any type of mental or physical issues. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read.

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