The 12 Zodiac Signs Basics

Aries (The Ram, Fire Sign, Cardinal Sign) Symbolizes: New beginnings, the adventurist, courage; the head as a part of the body.

Taurus (The Bull, Earth sign, Fixed sign) represents possessiveness, calmness, relaxation, materialism, a fondness for creature comforts, body parts; the neck and throat region of the body.

Gemini (The Twins, Air Sign, Mutable) Symbolizes: Communications, Impulsiveness, Changeability, Curiosity, Intelligence, Exploration; associated as Lungs, Arms, and Hands.

Cancer (The Crab, Water Sign, Cardinal) symbolizes the home, the shy, the emotional, the intuitive, the protective, and domestic, body parts are the stomach and breasts.

Leo (The Lion, Fire sign, Fixed) symbolizes ownership, pride, ego, power, children, passion, working well alone; the 'heart and spine' of the body.