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What Is The Shadow Side?

The shadow is a moral problem that poses a challenge to the entire ego-personality, as no one can become conscious of the shadow without significant moral effort. To become conscious of it requires acknowledging the presence and reality of the dark aspect of one's personality. This is a necessary condition for self-awareness, yet it is frequently met with considerable resistance. These shadows are repressed personality characteristics that we choose not to identify with.

In the deep recesses of the psyche, shadows lurk.

It resides in our hearts and minds; it is a part of us. It follows us, terrifies us, and approaches us in a variety of ways, but it always appears somewhere. The shadow is not merely an abstract idea or a matter of perception. It is very genuine.

Similarly, there is both light and darkness. It is impossible to deny the presence of shadow. It is usually a person's worst side. The courageous individual may have a shadow that is cowardly. The kind, gentle, and caring individual may have a cruel side that is concealed by all of their kindness. Even among the most benevolent and esteemed personalities and leaders in every field or endeavor, a portion of their shadow element reveals itself through their eloquence and sophistication. Do they have a true understanding of themselves, or have they denied their shadow side? They may find that their beliefs, words, and actions conflict. This is unintentional, and the internal shadow conflicts they fail to resolve manifest at the worst possible times.

Could the shadow be ignored or avoided? When we are at our lowest point in life, we are haunted by shadows. This is the aspect of ourselves that we conceal in order to present our best selves to the public. Even if they are concealed, denied, or repressed, they will not vanish. In other ways, our actions may bring these shadows into our lives.

How do shadows influence our lives? Do they have any meaning? Shadows exist in numerous forms. They can manifest in the form of temptations, obsessions, addictions, codependence, and other forms of indulgence. Fearful shadows appear in the darkness and shake us to our core. Additionally, shadows can be displayed as projections. It can be an irrational and unexplained aversion to particular personality traits. Perhaps it reflects aspects of ourselves that we choose to ignore or are not even conscious of.

Are you at ease with your companions? If not, consider why you associate with them. Do you hold them in high regard? Consequently, why do you spend your valuable time with them? Do you frequently make agreements that you cannot keep? What about the times when you become angry at the slightest provocation from the same person? There are times when we seek our reflections in the faces of others. Even more so, we attract them to our lives. These shadows, which are buried deeply, may lead us to places we fear to tread.

Pundits would argue that denying the shadow element is not prudent. They believe the only solution is to confront it, deal with it, and navigate the resulting conflicts.

Everyone has their own demons they must confront; otherwise, they follow us in less conscious ways. There are lessons to be learned from shadow. To become conscious of it, we must delve deeper within ourselves. We accept the positive. Work with the negative, see the positive, and face the negative without fear. Go within; bury your fears and insecurities deep beneath the surface. Confront the simmering rage beneath the skin.

We are not flawless. Regardless of how many dark clouds hover above us or how long the night lasts, light will eventually emerge. These dark nights provide the opportunity to enrich and nourish our spirit, soul, and lives. It assists us in aligning with our highest purpose. By pursuing greater equilibrium, endurance, and perspective, we generate more personal strength and power.

Catherine Valliere

After a lifetime of exploration; 2020 Covid life, led me to a full time focus on the gifts of meditation, alternative health and spiritual well being.

Anything I share comes from a place of healing from within myself and in no way is meant to replace professional medical advice. Please follow my journey...

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