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What is the meaning behind A'ho Namaste?

Our Mission: Spirituality Daily Health, expanding a sense of purpose and well being.

A'ho - From Kiowa (“thank you”), loaned to many other Native American languages during the 20th century, as it was frequently heard at pow wows and used in the Native American Church, used similarly to "amen".

Quite a few people ask me what the meaning of Namaste is as well, Namaste meanings are, the Hindu non-contact manner of respectfully greeting and honoring a person or group, used at any time of day.  My hubby is a Kiowa Native American and he calls me a southern hippie chick. A'ho Namaste was created bringing our two cultures together, may you find light love and peace from our creative offerings from here in our home in Savannah GA.

A'ho Dawk'ee - Namaste

Light Love Peace

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