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Cloud with Silver Lining
Cloud with Silver Lining

What is the Path to Enlightenment?
Let's Discover with our Peace Movement Community

Welcome to A'ho Namaste

Where we like to combine the mystical and the mundane in our quest for spirituality daily health and well being!

We believe that spirituality and self-care go together

like incense and meditation cushions,

like kale smoothies and kombucha shots,

like chakras and yoga pants.

Our goal is to create a community that will nourish your mind, body, and soul with tips, tricks, and insights from the world of spirituality and holistic well being. So, whether you're a seasoned sage burner or a newbie seeking enlightenment, come on in and let's explore this magical journey together!

Let's collectively create a spiritual peace movement!

A'ho Dawk'ee - Namaste

Our Mission:
A'ho Namaste focusing on Spirituality Daily Health expanding
a sense of purpose and well being while creating peace movement content.
A'ho Namaste is a phrase that combines two cultural traditions to express gratitude and spiritual connection. A'ho comes from the Native American Kiowa language, meaning "thank you," and Namaste is a Sanskrit greeting recongnized as my soul honors your soul. Dawk'ee is another Native American word used to address the creator. Cat and Jay came up with A'ho Namaste in 2020 after Cat left her lucrative career in automotive finance. Cat is a southern hippie chick married to Jay, her Kiowa Native American hubby. Together, they aim to share their creative offerings that promote light, love, and peace from their home in Savannah, GA USA.

A'ho Dawk'ee - Namaste
Light Love Peace
Let's Create a Spiritual Peace Movement

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Available for your special day

In 2020 we had a friend of ours ask me to perform his wedding on Tybee Island. After much contemplation I decided to become an ordained minister and perform the ceremony. I'm excited to share my love and faith in marriage with you upon request. 


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photo of a rainbow taken by Cat V of Aho Namaste

Being in the automotive field for almost two decades, it left little time to nurture my creative talents. I had forgotten how much joy; the sky, rainbows, clouds, trees, beach, all things the creator created brings to me.  A'ho Dawk'ee - Namaste

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