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Is Meditation A Sin?

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My journey began in a small West TN town where there were still two sides of the tracks.  In a home that believed in a Ronald Reagan Republican philosophy.  Making it past high school was neither an expectation nor a priority for me or my family.  Just as in generations past, for a woman, you get married to a man who has a respectable job and live your life within the bounds of a Christian marriage. 

I went to a Southern Baptist University, taking New and Old Testament, going to chapel twice a week,  where you could “foot function" but not dance. That was my first experience with realizing that manipulating the Bible to fit a narrative was a thing.

I married a Catholic man and joined the Catholic Church through the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RICA). The church's description of RCIA, per  

It’s Your Faith Journey

"The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) is a process through which adults discern if the Catholic tradition of the Christian life is appropriate for them. Through discussions, prayers, and reflection, we accompany the person on this journey of faith, allowing each person to develop a relationship with God."   

When I began my spiritual journey away from the Baptist religion and started exploring my faith on a personal level through Catholicism, I found the RCIA process to be a welcoming and supportive community that helped me grow in my relationship with God. It gave me a chance to ask questions, find out more about Catholicism, and make an informed decision about whether or not to join the church. 

Of course, the Catholics believe in the holy trinity, and in my own understanding, I still do, just not in the same context. The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit take on a whole new meaning for me now. 

This leads me to this blog question. 


Is Meditation A Sin?


My personal answer to whether meditation is a sin is a resounding, NO, meditation is not a sin. Meditation is a practice that has been used in many spiritual traditions for thousands of years. It has been found to have many benefits for the body, mind, and emotions. It can help you feel less stressed, more focused and able to concentrate, more aware of yourself, and calm and relaxed. Although some religious traditions may include meditation in their practices, meditation is not by its very nature a religious or spiritual activity, and anyone can practice it regardless of their beliefs or background. 

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