9 Tips For Aromatherapy

I recall discovering aromatherapy for the first time several years ago. I was intrigued by essential oils and eager to experiment with their use. In retrospect, I think I should have conducted more study before to beginning aromatherapy. I offer you the guidance I wished I had received when I was a newbie aromatherapist:

1. Purchase 1-2 Aromatherapy Books

Choose one or two books to begin your aromatherapy collection. Choose books that are general resources that will provide you with basic information and help you choose your areas of greatest interest.

2. Participate in Aromatherapy Discussion Forums

Facebook Groups, Instagram accounts, and other online communities are excellent resources for aromatherapy beginners. Read previous talks, ask questions, and gain knowledge from others.

3. Select five to ten essential oils to begin.

Though you may be tempted to purchase more, try starting with only five to ten essential oils. If you decide to take aromatherapy further, you may wish to experiment with a few essential oils before investing on more.