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What does Om mean? Om is a sound considered by most ancient philosophical texts to be the sound of the universe, encompassing all other sounds within it. Pranvana is what it is called in Sanskrit, which means to hum. It is considered an unlimited or eternal sound.

I've struggled throughout my life to process exactly what God, Jesus, Buddha, Allah, Christianity, Buddhism, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism. What do all these religions mean, what do all these great religious characters mean. And what exactly do I believe in. (Are there studies about religion?, read here)

I was raised and grew into adulthood with the God/Jesus/Holy Spirit trinity belief, if you don't accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior you'll burn in a fiery hell for eternity. Surrounded by others who believed in this concept it was foreign to believe there were others who believed differently.

In my twenties I got into real estate and one of my clients was Hindu, it made this girl, who was christened Methodist, raised in a Baptist church, went to a Baptist College and converted to Catholicism question every belief I'd ever had. Would God really throw her, her husband (who was a doctor) and their four children into hell for not believing in Jesus?

It also had me questioning if there really is a fiery pit waiting for my death, if I don't believe in Jesus? I've read the English translation of many religious books and all have the same corresponding messages of how to live a life free from harming others or yourself. The concept of hell just seems irrational to me (that's a whole other blog someday).

This brings me back to Om. The vibration of one, Om helps me in my understanding of what and who God is for me. Physically the genes in our body live after we die. (Do cells live after we die?,read this) So are we really dead?

My concept of God is the light that is in each of us. On a cellular level all that light combined from living beings is God, that's why he's all knowing and ever present. God to me is not living outside in heaven, he's right here within my being.

Am I fearful of a fiery hell, not anymore, I simply know and trust the God that lives in me and those I love will love and care for me for eternity. It had been a long time since anyone close to me passed until recently. It had me questioning everything all over again. We all have our beliefs and we have to learn to accept and at the very least tolerate those who believe differently than us. We also all need to pray, pray, those who don't have a relationship or have lost their connection to God find a way to His light.

I'm resolved with this. Om, that vibration that keeps the universe humming. (Does the universe really hum?, read this) Keeps my body humming to God's tune. Religious beliefs are so different for everyone, the way we pray/meditate, the way we live in these human vessels, but in the end of the day we all have to coexist, even if someone's beliefs don't align with ours. (This has been a very hard concept for me, the past few years).

I've been sharing my 5 minute morning meditations daily, in sharing them, I hope they bring other's peace and stillness. Perhaps they'll hear the hum of the universe for the first time, perhaps they'll come to know God or perhaps it's all for knot and I'm doing it for my own enjoyment of my journey. Maybe someday my great glamkids will come across my blogs and vlogs and connect with their Mimi.... Either way, it's been fun sharing.

I felt like sharing my thoughts, as some may find what I'm doing weird or out of their norm. Yes, I'm weird, we all are. Yes, I enjoy candles, incense and soft music to pray/meditate.

Be kind, love hard, find joy and peace around you!

Light love peace and prayers, A'ho Dawk'ee ~ Namaste

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