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Do you ever feel uneasy when you're in a busy place? Do you ever feel as if your personal space is being invaded? You can only get so close to some people. Your aura has provoked this reaction.

It's possible that your aura is being invaded by someone else's.

You occasionally feel uneasy in the presence of a specific person. You get the feeling that something is awry when you walk into a room. A significant electro-magnetic field surrounds the human aura. We emit electrical energy while absorbing magnetic energy.

This energy force can be felt in a crowded space where many energies, both positive and negative, are being exchanged.

Our energies, whether powerful or weak, fair or otherwise, light and bright or drab and dense, are all reflected in our aura. It's a band of energy that encircles us, a life energy that can be felt by all living things, including plants, trees, animals, birds, and people.

There are seven layers to the aura, but the first three layers around the human body are the most visible to human vision. Auras can be viewed psychically with the eyes open or with the eyes closed.

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