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Four Crystals For Protection

There are times in everyone's life when protection is required. This could be a time when you feel trapped in a bad relationship or paralyzed and anxious due to the 24 hour news cycle's never-ending flood of negative news. You may feel as if you are being surrounded by negative energy. There may be internal and external causes against which we may require protection. Crystal-based defenses may be helpful if you struggle with self-negativity, self-sabotage, toxic relationships, or the negativity of others.

Crystals can not only protect you from outside sources and negative energies, but they can also give you the fortitude and clarity to protect yourself and know when to walk away. Here is a list of four crystals that can aid in your defense. You can harness these crystals' powers by holding them in your hands during meditation or by carrying them on your person throughout the day. Regardless, I hope you find this knowledge beneficial and can harness the power of crystals to discover peace, love, and equilibrium in your life.

Hematite: This gem is extremely beneficial during times of transition or transformation. During these tough times, its grounding and balancing energies can be of great assistance in establishing a stable foundation. Hematite is associated with the Earth element, the zodiac signs Aquarius and Leo, and the Root Chakra.

Black Onyx: This gem can be utilized to create power and self-assurance, two of the tools you will need to hold your ground and defend yourself. With the energy of this potent stone, you will be able to withstand anything that life throws your way. It is symbolized by the Earth element, the Zodiac signs Gemini and Scorpio, and the Root Chakra.

Malachite is an excellent crystal for deflecting bad energy. Regardless matter whether the negative energy is internal or external, this gem is capable of warding it off. Malachite is associated with the water element, the astrological signs Taurus and Scorpio, and the Heart Chakra.

One of the best crystals for psychological protection is amethyst. It has soothing and balancing effects and can be utilized for both emotional and spiritual health. Utilize this crystal to assist in dispelling illogical, negative, or nervous thoughts. It connects with the Third Eye and the Crown Chakra. It can be particularly potent for persons born under the astrological signs of Virgo, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces.

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