Goodbye to Superman

Updated: Jan 28

My earliest memories from childhood are of me as a 2 year old standing on my Mimi's bed, raising my hands asking my Aunt Charlotte to "take your baby darling" and riding down the hallway at my Mimi's house on Uncle Bill's shoulders, he was a tall man and he would act as if he was going to bump my head on the doorframe and at the last minute duck down, he was such a trickster. It was no suprise when I came to pick him up in MO this last time, he tried snorting as I leaned in to give him a kiss, I think I may have let him down because I didn't flinch (when he and your grandfather did that from early childhood into adulthood, you know it's coming). I remember Uncle Bill coming home from the Army wearing his uniform and thinking he was the most amazing human I'd ever encountered. From my earliest memories he was my Superman.

If I shared every fond memory it would take years to write them all, from him picking me and my Tigrett Jr High bestie April up in his shiny new blue Corvette to being at a huge campfire playing with a goat and waking up the next day looking for the goat only to be told he'd been cooked over night. Uncle Bill was the founder of Blue's Hog Barbeque Sauce. World known and recognized! His sauce is a main staple on the BBQ circuit. He was very proud of all the awards he had won.

My Superman gave me my first sip of beer at the age of 10, which I spit out immediately, it was only a few years later that I aquired that taste. In the 4th grade I had shingles and it was so painful, I remember him blowing a marijuana shotgun in my face and telling me it might help me. Times were so different then. My childhood was so different than anyone of my friends, it was my normal. Fire pit BBQ's, loud music, motorcycles, pool at the southside biker bar at The RedDog Saloon, passing joints between adults and always wanting a sip of whatever poison the adults were drinking.

I was born in 1973 the same year my mother and Uncle Bill graduated. My mother Teresa Arnold was born July 22 1954, Uncle Bill Nov 1955, Uncle David Nov1956 and my Aunt Charlotte 1960. My grandmother Lottie and grandaddy William Paul divorced when Charlotte was a year old. My Granny said she had 4 kids in 7 years, found out what was causing them and got rid of him, guess it was her way of dismissing any further questions from an inquisitve granddaughter.

I don't know who had the bigger personality in my family, my Granny who was a gun toting Madison County deputy, my flashy Grandaddy with his shiny black cadillac or my larger than life funny sweet charismatic Uncle Bill... I just know they all made me feel safe from the alcoholism and abuses that tended to surround my young life.

I started to only share the good, but today is International Holocaust Remembrance Day, and I don't want to skew the good and bad memories. Today being that day is what brought me back to my blog. I don't want to ever forget the memories and when I finally greet whatever awaits me on the other side of this spiritual journey I want my glam kids to have some of my memories. It's too cool that I can actually write on a blog and that someday my great grandchildren might get to know me, my thoughts, my history....