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"He" Is Not A "Woman"

Edit: Just when I thought I couldn't be more disappointed, we're watching Jeopardy and a commercial comes on for a Republican Candidate for the GA Lt. Governor election. In that commercial, it spews biggotry, hate and discrimination towards Transgender athletes, specifically referencing female athletics.

How can someone represent us all, when they hate a portion of the population they are elected to represent? This man should not be allowed to run for office, much less put a hate filled campaign ad on television during prime viewing for so many young people to see.

Transgender youth have every right to live free from bigotry and hate as any other young person, especially from a prospective leader.

Any public servant is supposed to uphold, promote and protect the rights of all constituents, regardless of their personal agenda. This should not only include transgender rights but also the rights for all women to be seen as a whole person.

I've never been so disappointed in my life, okay that's an exaggeration... However, what has transpired on FB has me realizing that even my most progressive liberal friends don't quite understand or are intolerable to trans gender and what it means.

There is a swimmer named Lia Catherine Thomas, she attends the University of Pennsylvania, in 2021/2 her athletic achievements as a trans woman have become a point of public debate about transgender women in sports.

I like that her middle name is spelled the old english way as mine is. There are so many K Catherine's...

I also like that she was brave enough at a young age to be able to transition. What I don't like is how far behind we are in her being able to compete without controversy. What I don't like even more is that so many people in my reach are being judgemental without even educating themselves on pre and post transition.

I understand to most I seem like a "radical liberal", but what some don't realize or have forgotten, I grew up in a very conservative town with conservative parents *meaning my mom and first step dad" who had conservative ideas, at least my mother, as she matured was much more open minded. However, when my white best friend got pregnant with a black man's baby, she didn't even want her driving down our street. My mom subsequently fell in love with said baby and I'm convinced that's what started her being more open to others.

There's no doubt that I have struggled with acceptance of others, until I realized we are in a physical vessel, our bodies aren't who we are. Who we are is in our minds and souls.

Imagine being born in a body that didn't belong to you (that's how a trans friend related what she went through to me).

God/Universe/Self loves us as we are on a spiritual plane, unfortunately some of us never find that spirit, that essence of who we truly are. Some people come to know it as Jesus, or Buddha or Muhammad or Krishna or self or universe, I could go on for days. My point is no matter what you call your guiding light, that guiding light is pure love.

If we are to ever truly become the best species of human we can be traveling in this human vessel, then we each have a duty to pass on the love that is in us.

If you've read this, I invite you to reach out to your local trans community and educate yourself. Just like the prejudice my mother had in her heart, your prejudice can be overcome as well. You owe it to yourself as well as your fellow masculine, feminine, neuter or common persons on this journey....

There are so many religious books, many philosophies, many ethnicities, many cultures, to live up to the very best human/spiritual being you can be, learning acceptance and showing understanding is what your goal is meant to be.

Before you jump on a bandwagon because something different from your point of view shows up, educate yourself. One of my favorite verses in the Bible is James 1:19 "My dear brothers and sisters, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry."

Light Love Peace and Prayers

Catherine Valliere

A'ho Dawk'ee ~ Namaste

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