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Meanings of Aura Color

A'ho Namaste Meanings of Aura Color

Colors have a significant role in aura reading. The meanings of different hues are described here. Always trust your gut instinct while interpreting auras.

Black is a difficult hue to work with. There's nothing wrong with having a dark aura. Black indicates that one is protecting oneself from external forces. This might also indicate that someone is imbalanced; they are concealing something or harboring secrets. Adults who have not dealt with early maltreatment will have a black ring on their finger until they are healed.

Blue comes in a variety of hues. The auras of gifted people are tinged with blue. Pale blue hue within the purple breaking out like rays of sunshine from the heart outwards may be seen by intuitive people. Loneliness might be indicated by a darker blue. Deep blue denotes commitment, honesty, and sound judgment, whereas muddier blues denote a dominant personality or a proclivity for despair.

Brown: This color might signify a person's development. It symbolizes a person who is developing mentally, instinctively, and organizing inwardly when seen around the head and with other colors emerging in combination. Brown on its alone can signify a lack of enthusiasm or a person who has "stagnated."

Gold: Indicates a lot of spiritual energy and self-awareness. Muddy gold indicates that one has not fully accepted one's higher levels.

Yellow is usually associated with a thinker or an analyst. This could signify someone who is "balanced." This hue is worn by intelligent individuals around their heads.

Green: Empathic to others, dependable, and capable of healing. A muddier color could convey envy, as in "green with envy."

Gray: This color might represent intuition and inventiveness. Silvery gray is associated with femininity, but darker gray is associated with secrecy or bodily imbalance.

Bright orange indicates that one is developing emotionally and paranormally. A drab color indicates that the person is confused how to deal with the new growth. A person with too much pride will have muddy orange.

Pink is the color of love and transparency. It also displays an artist's and creative person's quieter side. Immaturity or changes in one's romantic life could be indicated by dark pink. Dull pink, on the other hand, beware; someone is lying.

Purple is the color of intuition, and a darker purple tint indicates a person who is strong-willed and passionate. It can also indicate an overabundance of erotic imagination.

Red is a hue associated with strong emotions, passion, and vigor. A bright red tint, on the other hand, could signify someone who is about to lose control.

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