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Spiritual Consciousness

The entirety of existence is welcoming you into a new reality, which is unfolding and forming before your eyes. You may not be able to perceive this new reality with your physical senses just yet, but your body, consciousness, intuition, and dreams are already actively engaged in this emerging spiritual consciousness.

Spirit's whisperings are subtle and create gentle heart openings for some. For others, the call of Spirit resounds more loudly and may emerge from a challenge or crisis situation, which introduces previously unconsidered new possibilities.

The spirit speaks uniquely to each individual soul. It may be creative inspiration or a heartfelt desire to share and give more to others that emerges. It may come from a relationship that completely and unexpectedly transforms life. Spirit is always speaking to us through both our inner and outer lives, allowing inner wisdom and intuition to blossom in the most unusual of circumstances.

The voice of Spirit may serve as a wake-up call, illuminating unbalanced aspects of ourselves. It can reveal and transform the hidden parts of ourselves that have carried heavy burdens for a long time, like a beacon of light. God's light can act as a catalyst to undo past errors and choices and restore a sense of harmony and healing.

You may have observed alterations in your consciousness, your awareness, and your outlook on life. Currently, a spiritual awakening is occurring on Earth that is largely invisible to the naked eye, but which many people are beginning to sense in their hearts. Our priorities are shifting, and life is requiring us to love more, to let go of old grudges and pain, and to move forward with consideration and awareness of the Earth and our fellow humans.

No longer are we primarily concerned with our own satisfaction. To move into the future on this planet, it is evident that we must develop and nurture respect for life, the Earth, and the other souls that share this planet with us. For each of us, this entails modifications to our lifestyles and relationships with others.

This new spiritual consciousness will become visible one day, and the world as we know it will be altered. Spiritual consciousness will be an integral part of physical life, not a separate entity. Spiritual consciousness will be shared by all living things and recognized as the basis upon which we construct our lives on Earth. This process has begun and is propelling us forward into one of the most important periods in human history.

Your soul chose to be present at this time in order to participate in this spiritual awakening. Your presence on Earth serves a purpose and is integral to the greater process. How will you proceed in the days and weeks ahead? Your gift of choice enables you to collaborate daily with Spirit and the spiritual realms, joining with other like-minded, like-hearted souls to co-create the incoming New Earth. We bless you and are grateful for your efforts.

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