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The Importance Of Inner Spiritual Guidance

As the world becomes increasingly technologically interconnected, it is also becoming easier to disconnect from ourselves. This can lead to feelings of overwhelm, meaninglessness, inner discord, and emptiness.

As we face unprecedented challenges individually and collectively in the modern world, there is also a very high level of daily stress that affects our bodies, minds, and emotions constantly. As we witness widespread social, political, and climate change, uncertainty about the future, and fear of the unknown, our daily lives are filled with intensity.

As if these were not enough, there is also the effect of a greater expansion of spiritual light on Earth, which is helping us spiritually awaken. But it is also producing a major purification process on all levels: spiritually, emotionally, and physically. The pain of the past that we may have repressed begins to rise to the surface of our awareness, bringing with it old feelings or physical symptoms.

We are all developing coping mechanisms for the increased stress in our lives today. Many spiritual tools and transformational supports can help you reclaim your inner connection to yourself. Once you establish the intention to reconnect with your inner being, you will begin to attract the people, situations, and resources you require.

Developing a deeper connection with your natural intuitive spiritual guidance is one of the most effective and simple means of navigating through these very intense times. Having access to inner guidance is a gift from our soul to our embodied, human self. Some of us are more attuned to this aspect of ourselves, particularly artists, musicians, and athletes, as well as those whose jobs involve healing. Due to childhood pressure to conform to social standards, some of us may have learned to "switch off" this innate talent.

Regardless of how connected or disconnected you may feel from your inner spiritual guidance, everyone has the ability to nurture, develop, and strengthen this vital aspect of themselves. Living with an active and aware inner spiritual guidance enables us to perceive and experience an entirely new creative dimension of life. Spiritual reality is a vast universe, and when intuition is activated, new experiences begin to emerge and create more expansive and meaningful possibilities.

Developing our intuition and spiritual guidance creates a deeper connection to our inner truth, in addition to enhancing our daily life experiences. If you have ever witnessed the simple and profound clarity of truth exhibited by young children who have not yet learned to censor their inner guidance, you will have a sense of what is possible for you.

In today's world, where there are numerous information sources that may or may not be accurate or truthful, your spiritual guidance and intuition can provide clarity in situations where it may not be possible to know what is real. As your intuition develops further, you will be able to detect the presence or absence of love, light, and warmth in others. You will be better able to determine what feels true or false to you, beyond what people say or what appears to be the case.

There is much at stake in the modern world, and each day we are presented with a variety of options regarding who to listen to and where to invest our time, energy, and trust. If we are disconnected from ourselves and the core of our being, it is easier for us to be influenced in ways that depart from love and truth, which we may later come to regret. Developing our inner spiritual guidance provides us with the priceless gift of discernment, allowing us to see clearly what is true and what is not, and to navigate the great complexities and challenges of the modern world with greater ease.

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