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To the Moon

For months I’ve been angry and frustrated that we have billionaires wasting money on space travel while a global pandemic is ravaging the planet we live on.

I woke up from that anger to a realization that perhaps there’s a bigger purpose. Van Jones a fellow Jacksonian, a small town in west TN was given $100,000,000!

During Van’s speech he spoke about disrupting poverty, disrupting pollution, disrupting the prison system by taking front line workers, the poorest of the poor, people like my Native American husband and giving them resources and combining all their genius and creativity, giving them opportunity so that things can change. Perhaps poverty can be solved. Van referred to those ideas being made possible by a Jeff Bezos “lifting the ceiling off of people’s dreams!”

My favorite line from Van’s speech is “don‘t be mad about it, when you see somebody reaching for the heavens, be glad, cause there’s a lot more heaven up there to reach for.“

How profound, how inspirational, how motivational!

My heart and soul are on fire to find a way to be a part of the solution rather than living in the anger of the problem

A’ho Dawk’ee 🙏🏼 Namaste

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