Using The Physical Body To Connect With Guides & Spirit

Updated: Jun 15

To the majority of us, communication with Spirit Guides is somewhat of a mystery, but there are those who claim they can communicate openly with otherworldly beings they call Guides and spirits. A Guide or a deceased spirit can communicate with a medium or psychic in a variety of ways. Typically, these communications occur through the so-called "clair senses."

Clair senses is a collective term indicating that the Guide's communication may employ any of the following types of psychic sensitivity that combine with the normal five senses of the physical body. Included among the five senses and the clair sense are:

Clairaudience: Clairaudience is the ability to perceive sounds (or words) that a person can actually hear, even though no one is speaking and there is no physical cause for the sounds. The sounds are believed to leave impressions on the spirillae of the pineal gland in the ear. It is believed that clairaudience sounds pass through the Third Eye chakra of the head, just as normal hearing does.

Clear tasting is the literal translation of the term clairsavorance. The individual experiences tastes in the mouth without actually putting anything into the mouth.

Claircognizance is the ability to detect the fragrance or odor of a non-physical substance. For instance, you may detect cigarette smoke in a location where you know no one is smoking or has smoked.