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What exactly are we doing...

“Ah-ho Dawk’ee” (Thank you God) is a Kiowa Native American hymn. Jay Wade, my husband, is listed on the Kiowa Roll in Oklahoma. Everyone calls me Cat and Jay Wade describes me as a southern hippie chick thus the "Namaste" (“the divine in me respectfully recognizes the divine in you”) as I live life practicing yoga and meditation.

During this years Covid-19 Pandemic, I was off for 12 weeks, with our 17 year old son, helping him achieve getting through is junior year of high school. Being able to slow down

and spend time with our son, plants, hugging my favorite tree and battling a very at times depressive state of mind, i decided to create an outlet. I honestly don't know where this website and ideas Jay Wade and I keep having will lead, but writing down our thoughts is a start...

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