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A Year With The Trees: White Oak

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

Photograph of a white oak tree, located in Elizabeth Park, West Hartford, CT. Photo taken September 25, 2013
Photograph of a white oak tree, located in Elizabeth Park, West Hartford, CT. Photo taken September 25, 2013

The wise old oak standing tall against the wind

Twisting branches reaching for the clouds

Close your eyes and hear her weep

Are we meant to live in love and peace

Hunger and homeless she will never be

Only her health may be her worry

The ground earth and sky nourish her spirit

In the end will she ever die

Her canvas painted by the silence around her

She speaks loudly if you choose to listen

Wrap your arms around her bark

Feel the joy she so freely shares

Original Prose written by Catherine V. 4.9.23

Trees have always held a soft spot in my heart, they are beautiful, towering beings that make the world a better place. But it wasn't until I started reading my aunt’s blog, A Year With The Trees, that I truly understood what it meant to love them deeply. The tree she wrote about on February 15, 2018 (my 45th birthday) gave special meaning to my life; that day's tree happened to be one of my favorites, the mighty white oak.

The white oaks canopy is broad and majestic, providing shade and shelter to the world around it. The white oak's acorns also serve as an important food source for many animals in the forest. Not only is the white oak one of my favorites it's one of the most giving trees mother nature has given us. In addition to its ecological importance, the white oak is also valued for its strong and durable wood, it's been used for centuries in both construction and furniture making. The white oak truly is a versatile and generous giving tree.

My aunt, a kind and gentle soul with eyes that sparkle like the leaves on a bright sunny day, has a deep rooted passion for trees and all of the nature that surrounds us. Her love for nature is contagious, infectious, and all consuming. My Aunt Becky can spend hours walking through a forest, admiring the intricate patterns of the bark, the way the leaves dance in the breeze, and the way the sunlight filters through the branches. Her blog A Year With The Trees: White Oak is what inspired my musings in this blog.

I believe she and I both see trees not just as objects of beauty but as a source of life and a reminder of the interconnected divine of all living things. Through a lens of appreciation, we must all see trees as guardians of the earth, protectors of the air we breathe, and providers of shade, shelter, and sustenance. We must talk to them, sing to them, and even hug them as if they were old friends.

Now, whenever I see a tree, I am reminded of my aunt's love and how it has shaped my own relationship with these magnificent beings. I think of the way they stand tall and proud, rooted in the earth yet reaching for the sky. I think of their leaves, swaying in the wind and rustling softly like a lullaby. And I think of my aunt, her eyes shining with joy and wonder as she admires the beauty of the world around her.

In a world that is often busy and chaotic, our love and appreciation for trees is a reminder of the simple things that bring us joy and connect us to something larger than ourselves. It is a reminder to slow down, to breathe, and to appreciate the beauty of the world around us. It is a reminder to love deeply and fiercely and to care for the things that matter most.

Thank you, Aunt Becky, for always being my soul's connection to my precious grandmother. No doubt, my love for nature and my spirit of wonder are the branches that sprawl from the white oak tree of our family.


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