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I happened to have the tv playing in the background today as I worked and my heart sank, it is very upsetting to learn that the words "Hitler was right" were posted online 70,000 times last year. I immediately played it back just to see if what I heard was wrong, I then googled it and there it was from the Anti-Defamation League. In a society where hate speech and intolerance seem to be on the rise. These are not meaningless words; rather, they serve as a haunting reminder of the atrocities done by one of history's most terrible and disgusting dictators. It's puzzling to me that anyone would use such words, much less publish it for the world to see.

The world seems to be becoming more and more divided, at least it has for the past 50 years since I've been on this planet. Disparities in politics, religion, and culture are often cited as justifications for intolerance and prejudice. The rise of nationalist movements, the proliferation of Islamophobia, and the persistence of structural racism are all indicators of this. It's understandable that some people would vent their frustration and rage through radical ideology and hate speech under these conditions. Leaning into their fear rather than coming from a place of love.

While hate speech is certainly offensive, it is also potentially deadly. The spoken word can instigate violence and fan the flames of fear and hatred. They can be used to make an entire population seem less than human, which can then incite further acts of terror. This is why we need to speak out against all sorts of bigotry and bigoted discourse.

But how can we achieve this? It's as easy as learning to love ourselves and one another. It's easy to dismiss this as simplistic, yet it's actually quite revolutionary. Love is a state of being rather than only an emotion. It's a promise to always act with empathy and consideration for other people. Tolerance, inclusion, and justice all flourish in a world where people actively choose to love one another.

Of course, it's simpler to talk about love than to actually practice it. To do so, we must put aside our preconceived notions and judgments about those who are different from us in order to hear and learn from them. It calls on us to have tolerance, compassion, and an open mind. It requires us to risk being hurt or rejected by opening ourselves up emotionally. It may even have to go against our strongest religious beliefs and perhaps even our ingrained way of thinking from childhood. The benefits of genuine human connection, however, are immeasurable. When we choose to love one another, we give birth to a world that is rich in wonder and significance.

Please let us ALL make the decision to love each other. Let us collectively condemn bigotry and all sorts of hate speech. Let us unite in strength as brothers and sisters of the human race. Let us strive for a world without prejudice and intolerance. By doing this, we will leave the earth in better shape for our children and grandchildren. We truly can build heaven on Earth where we can all live with autonomy and peace.

Remember Simply Breathe!

A'ho Dawk'ee - Namaste

Cat V.

Savannah GA USA


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