Astrology Myths

The majority of people only learn about astrology from horoscope columns in newspapers and magazines. However, these forecasts are merely for amusement and should never be taken seriously. If they appear even remotely accurate, rest assured that it is purely coincidental, as these columns have little relevance to the legitimate practice of astrology. Here are some additional astrology myths that should be debunked:

1. Astrology is neither a religion nor affiliated with any religion, satanism, or particular belief. You can believe in and practice astrology regardless of your religious affiliation.

2. Astrology has nothing to do with any alleged physical energy emanating from a planet, moon, or star.

3. Astrology cannot be used to predict an event; it can only be used to determine the likelihood of an event occurring or the optimal time for a particular type of event to occur.

4. Astrology is only a guide, a map of your life's potential. However, no two individuals born at the same time and place will live identical lives. The very nature of astrology speaks to your "free will" and the numerous options and choices you have for your life.