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Channeling Your Spirit Guides

Spiritual channeling is the process by which an individual becomes the channel through which a spirit speaks. Instead of communicating with deceased loved ones, Spirit Guides are typically the entities that come through. Many channelers repeatedly encounter the same entity or entities. Entities that are channeled frequently impart their knowledge and wisdom on a subject that is typically spiritual.

Channeling is a skill that can be learned by anyone. You need only the desire to grow spiritually and the will to strive upwards. Channeling does not require years of specialized training, but it does require the ability to calm and clear one's mind. You must also be able to trust.

Priestesses and Priests of the temples, Psychics, Seers, and Shamans channeled energy from the unconscious to natural spirits and their own Spirit Guides throughout the ages. All cultures and civilizations have possessed mystics or trace channelers who provided a service with their abilities. They access a different dimension and transmit knowledge that is unavailable to the masses. Shamans and Priests have kept this art form alive to the present day, and when used with the proper mindset, it is accessible to virtually anyone.

Channeling is for those who wish to cultivate and expand their Higher Self's wisdom. This is not a solution to your daily and emotional issues.

Occasionally, miracles can occur, but your Spirit Guide will guide and assist you in finding the answers you require. Your Spirit Guide accomplishes this by assisting you in recognizing a variety of decision-making alternatives.

Importantly, channeling should not be confused with a person whose soul intention is to contact the dead and seek their aid. When a Medium engages in spiritual channeling, they leave their normal waking consciousness and become a conduit for a source of energy that is not ordinarily conscious to them.

They may have a sense of connecting with their Higher Self (the part of themselves with the highest vibration), a Spirit Guide, or another light being, or they may feel a beautiful, loving energy flowing through their body for their own and others' healing. Thoughts or images that are not their own may enter their mind, or they may find themselves speaking in a manner inconsistent with their usual thought process.

Channeling is one of Spirit's many gifts because it facilitates spiritual development. Channeling is not practiced as an end in itself, but rather as an expression of the channeler's profound desire to be close to the great Spirit and to serve as an instrument for the expression of the higher planes of consciousness. The spiritual channeler does not seek glory; in fact, they feel profoundly privileged to be a part of the personal and global healing process.

Your ability to reach a higher vibrational source and maintain clear contact with it determines your channeling clarity. As you enter a deep state of relaxation or meditation, the session's most powerful energies become available. If you are impaired by alcohol, medication, stress, fatigue, or other illnesses, you will not be able to make a clear contact. Try to work only when you are in excellent health.

The sole purpose of the spirit guides who will work with you is to teach you to see yourself as they do. Oneself as a being of love, light, and creative potential. As you begin to accept these truths about your essence, your past traumas begin to dissolve and your daily reality begins to align with your higher self's desires. A growing sense of tranquility and happiness indicates that you are on the right path. Working with a group whose main objective is spiritual growth and becoming conduits of the love and healing energy they receive will yield the best results.

Every channeler filters the information they receive. When sent, it is in the purest form. The message will consist of pure energy, and a unit of total awareness and comprehension will enter the channeler's aura in the form of a beam of light. As the channeler's physical body, mind, and vocal chords express the message, it takes on an earthly form so that it can be comprehended on the earthly plane. The message is inevitably altered during the process of translating energy into words.

If you want another person to channel for you, follow your instincts. Choose a positive individual and ensure that you feel comfortable and accepted in their presence. The majority of individuals are hesitant the first time they receive a channeled reading. Try to separate your anxiety from your impression of the channeler. However, if you experience severe discomfort or physical pain, you may wish to collaborate with another individual.

Feel free to ask questions prior to the start of the sessions. You may want to know the purpose of the session, whether you can ask questions, and the outcomes of previous participants. Request permission to record the meeting. If a tape is provided, replaying it later will reveal numerous new sounds.

Attempt to suspend your self-judgment during the session and appreciate its flow. You are not required to accept any statement that does not ring true to you; you may request additional information or simply set it aside for later consideration. If you reject positive statements about yourself, it may be an indication that you need to improve your self-love. However, if a statement lacks inner confirmation, you should abandon it.

Remember that channeling serves its purpose most effectively when it illuminates things you already knew about yourself but were denying or avoiding. Spiritual channeling helps you overcome your fears, comprehend your options, and proceed with greater assurance. By highlighting your spiritual gift and validating your intuitions, it can provide you with the encouragement you need to be your authentic self.

Getting ready for the Channel

I personally found it easier to practice channeling with others than alone. However, solitude and meditation are also essential because they strengthen your connection to your Spirit Guides. Take some time to sit quietly by yourself or with someone else. You can create a sacred space for yourself by lighting a candle and burning incense. Imagine and feel the white light emanating from your heart entering you. Deeply inhale and concentrate on the breath to give your mind something to do (sometimes the busy brain needs a job). You can instruct your mind to concentrate on your breathing, as this helps to calm it.

How to communicate with your Guides

When you are relaxed, comfortable, and your mind is clear, begin to telepathically call out to your Guides (or Angel, if you prefer; the choice is yours) and ask them to enter your sacred space.

In your mind's eye, you begin to perceive their approach. When you sense their presence, visualize a beam of light emanating from your Spirit Guide and allow the light to pass through your feelings of love. Feel the energy flowing in both directions from their heart to yours and back again. Imagine a second beam of light emanating from their third eye to yours as soon as this energy is flowing strongly. Open all of your psychic senses and feel the energy flow between your third eye and theirs. I've discovered that connecting on both levels strengthens the telepathic communication link.

If you are at ease, you may invite your Guide to merge with you. There is no cause for alarm. Feel the energy of love emanating from your Guide. There is absolutely no risk involved in allowing your Guide to approach you. In the spirit realm, there are no ulterior motives; they simply wish to love and assist you. I permit my Guide to approach me and merge with me. It is as though we have shared the same space for some time.

Once in this state, allow yourself to experience the bliss of oneness. Your Guides are of the highest light and emanate a tremendous amount of loving energy. You should begin to feel relaxed, calmed, and uplifted.

If you feel fear or discomfort, return to the beginning and concentrate on bringing in more white light. Before beginning, reconsider why you are afraid. Try to release your fear and realize that you have complete control over what you allow to enter your energy field.

Employing your Guides

Your Spirit Guides can provide you with a loving, healing energy and valuable insight from their unique perspective. Accessing these higher dimensions and experiencing a connection with your Guide or Angel can strengthen your soul and improve your life flow.

To strengthen your relationship with your Guide, you need only recognize their presence in your life. Communicate with them telepathically and have faith that they hear you. They will respond, but you must be receptive in order to hear them. They may communicate through a vision, words, or a feeling of knowing. The manner in which they communicate depends on the amount of practice they have had. (It will always begin gradually. Do not give up. Continue, as practice always leads to perfection).

Keep a notebook, pen, and journal handy. Consequently, if you receive an important message, you can write it down. This enables you to refine the message until it feels fully integrated. In addition, it affords you the chance to share the message with others, thereby validating your experiences.

By performing this exercise, you can gain a profound understanding of your guide. In these chaotic times, connecting with your Spirit Guide can provide you with the comfort you need. Connect with your healing Guide, even if you do not have a specific question, to receive healing energy that will balance and energize you. Important to remember is that if your tone of voice or writing changes slightly while practicing channeling, do not be alarmed; this is quite normal. Be sure to allow their love into your heart. This can be quite profound and help you comprehend how your Guide can assist you in your life. Remember that trust is essential for both sides.

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