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Exercises To Clarify Your Business's Purpose & Vision

Whether it's the first day of the year or the last day of the year or anywhere in between, you want this to be your best year ever! I would suggest that you take the time to clarify your Purpose and Vision.

Clear purpose and vision are the keys to providing you with direction and focus. Sadly, this is something that is frequently lacking in small businesses. The required action is quite simple, but if you've never taken it before, it may prove difficult. Here are some suggestions for making this your best year ever.

A well-defined purpose describes the objectives of your business. Have you lost sight of your goals? Do you recall what initially motivated you to start or enter your business?

Consider the following three questions as you seek to reignite the purpose of your business:

What do you truly desire from life?

What do you truly not desire in life?

What are you willing to sacrifice to live the life you desire?

Answer these questions truthfully and construct your business around the lifestyle you desire. Discuss a purpose that would ignite your passion.

Here is a suggestion for developing your vision. Consider the best possible outcome for your business that you can conceive of. Which services would your ideal client seek from you? Construct your vision around being "the resource" that delivers this.

Examine your values and guiding principles and then determine the future of your business. Find your preferred method of quiet relaxation and allow your mind to wander to the possibilities.

Imagine yourself in a private movie theater in 10 years, watching a film of your future self. At the conclusion of the film, you realize you've been joined by the main attraction. Ask them any question you'd like about how they achieved such great success in the film. What were your future self's goals and objectives?

You will be astounded by the answers that emerge if you are willing to accept that the visioning process will work.

Light Love Peace

Catherine (Cat) Valliere

After a lifetime of exploration; 2020 Covid life, led me to a full time focus on the gifts of meditation, alternative health and spiritual well being. Anything I share comes from a place of healing from within myself and in no way is meant to replace professional medical advice. Please follow my journey...

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