How Inner Wisdom & Intuition Can Strengthen You

We were all born with an innate inner wisdom that guides our lives, serves as an inner "truth meter," and enables us to make significant decisions at pivotal junctures in our lives. Some refer to this natural talent as intuition, spiritual direction, or "gut feelings."

Each of us connects to intuition in a distinct manner. Those with artistic or musical talent can invoke their muse for creative inspiration. Those whose work requires a high level of physical or mental endurance can connect with their inner wisdom by overcoming the barriers that typically stand between them and their inner gifts. Some of us may live very busy lives with little time to tune into our inner guidance, but our dreams serve as messengers to convey the vital information we may have missed during our hectic days.

Our intuition is a profound gift that bridges the gap between our embodied physical self and our divine spiritual essence. Through this line of light, the soul can communicate with the embodied self, and we can develop this inner connection through meditation, prayer, and the desire to know ourselves more intimately.

At all times in our lives, but particularly during times of extreme stress or difficulty, our intuition can be of great assistance. When confronted with unanticipated obstacles, such as the death of a loved one or a serious illness, we experience a range of intense emotions. Our habitual supports are removed or shaken, causing us to feel adrift, as if we have nothing to cling to.