Intuition & Tarot Reading

It is not necessary to be psychic to use Tarot cards. However, you must be in tune with your intuition. Our intuitions are our innate ability to sense things in the world instinctively. Our cognitive abilities have nothing to do with our intuition. It is a gut feeling we get regardless of the specifics of a given circumstance. Intuition informs us when something is amiss when everything appears normal. For instance, there are times when we meet a person who appears wonderful to everyone else, but we still sense that something is amiss. We may not be able to pinpoint it, but we are aware that something is not quite right. That is a warning from our intuition. In a situation such as this, despite our outwardly friendly demeanor, we are inwardly guarded due to the feeling we have in our gut.

Being psychic is now somewhat distinct. The senses of a person with psychic ability extend beyond the normal range of perception. It could be considered a gift. Different individuals who are considered "psychic" may possess a particular talent. Among the manifestations of this psychic gift is the ability to see beyond the limits of normal vision. Some individuals can hear beyond the normal range, while others can channel into the spiritual realm. These are merely some of the more obvious manifestations of psychic ability; they are not the only ones. However, similar to intuition, a psychic can use their gift instinctively without having to consciously consider it.

One need not be psychic to be an effective reader, but they should be in tune with their intuition. The more we utilize our intuition to interpret the tarot, the more powerful it becomes. It resembles everything else. In this case, the more you utilize your intuition, the better you become at it. Tarot cards are instruments for focusing our intuitive senses. We also rely on our intuition to concentrate on the person being read in order to obtain an accurate picture of what is occurring in that person's life.

Some people are naturally intuitive and even psychic, whereas others must exert more effort to achieve the same level of perception. When you purchase a deck of tarot cards, they are not inherently "magical." It is the energy of the reader that is imbued into the cards that gives them their effectiveness for the reader. Magic is created by a person's connection to the symbolism on the cards. In relation to the card, it is the symbolism that opens the intuition of the individual