Karmic Pattern Clearing

What is clearing karmic patterns? Clearing karmic patterns is the elimination of ingrained habitual responses that govern how we respond to specific situations.

This article discusses my understanding of clearing karmic patterns. According to my knowledge, there are numerous clearing tools and methods. This particular instance is merely one of many.

Frequently, the process of karmic pattern clearing leads to the surfacing and exposure of our subconsciously stored tendencies and thought-patterns. Consequently, meditation and an understanding of our dreams are valuable skills for process management.

Karmic forces are neither positive nor negative. Energy is exactly as it is. However, beliefs and influences that we may have acquired as children or in previous lives will cause us to view certain 'characteristics' as either positive or negative. This tendency to judge is almost instinctive and immediate.

For the 'cause' to be 'discovered' and then 'understood,' energy (reaction) must typically run its full course. When the initial reaction occurs, the second reaction frequently analyzes it and determines whether it was positive or negative. If the previous response was deemed negative or undesirable, our personality will attempt to "fix" the situation by preventing it from occurring again. Currently, there are an increasing number of responses, which can occasionally complicate the situation.

A Technique for Clearing