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Practicing The Law Of Attraction In Your Daily Life

What is the meaning of life, and how do I achieve it? These are the two most frequently asked questions. Have you ever asked yourself a comparable question?

The good news is that you have a truly unique objective in life. Obviously, the question that follows is, What is it then? However, that is about as far as the majority of people will ever go. You may ask yourself this question, ponder it for a few minutes without arriving at a conclusion, and then proceed with your daily activities. If you ever hope to achieve your goal, you must move beyond the What is it? question. How do you accomplish this?

You must first acknowledge that you will not have all the answers right away. If you're waiting for a bolt of lightning to strike you and reveal your life's purpose, you'll be disappointed.

The initial step is to determine your area of interest. What excites you to the point where you can hardly contain yourself when you consider it? Or what makes your blood boil when you hear others discuss it? Probably, this is the beginning of your greatness.

Why do I refer to the launching point? Because, once you've decided what you want to do, you must ask, "In what direction should I go?" And where do I begin? Believe it or not, these questions are not as important as you may believe.

The second thing you must do is to immediately pursue your passion. Do not allow the question, What direction should I go or how should I begin? prevent you from actually beginning. There is likely an organization, group, or online presence that is doing something similar to what you are passionate about. Engage with these individuals. They have likely laid the majority of the groundwork for the development of your passion. You can then immediately begin assisting them.

By interacting with these individuals, you will begin to develop and refine your purpose. As you begin to develop your greatness, you may find that your initial motivation for getting involved shifts somewhat.

Because of this, it is not essential to know everything about a task before undertaking it. It's similar to this: Suppose you are in Los Angeles and wish to travel to Florida by car. You are uncertain of your destination in Florida, but you know that Florida is where you must go. You have two alternatives:

You can conduct research, study, ask people, and examine maps, among other methods, to determine the best route to Florida. You will not leave until you know the exact route, the risks involved, the speed traps to avoid, and the most convenient rest stops. This is problematic because you will never know everything there is to know about how to get to Florida.

You can just start driving. You may ask one or two individuals you encounter along the way which road to take, and then proceed. On your way to Florida, you will meet people who will advise you on the best routes and describe the places they visited and adventures they had along the way. By the time you reach Florida, you will have acquired so much knowledge that you will know precisely where you wish to go.

You can either sit around and wait for the perfect opportunity to fulfill your purpose, or you can simply embark on your journey and discover and fulfill your purpose along the way. My recommendation is to get moving (this is THE MOST DIFFICULT THING I EVER FACE)!

Light Love Peace

Catherine (Cat) Valliere

After a lifetime of exploration; 2020 Covid life, led me to a full time focus on the gifts of meditation, alternative health and spiritual well being. Anything I share comes from a place of healing from within myself and in no way is meant to replace professional medical advice. Please follow my journey...

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