Release Our Shadow With The Power Of The Sun

The source of power in astrology and in life is the sun. Without the sun, there would be no life. If the sun exploded or ceased to shine, all life would perish very rapidly. It is astonishing that, with all of our modern sophistication, the majority of people forget this simple fact.

As a result, the characteristics of the sun in our birth chart indicate how to access our personal strength and power. The infinite light of the sun is filtered through the ego, leaving portions of our psyche in darkness. When we begin to examine our lives more closely, our inner sun begins to illuminate the dark corners of our souls. Once brought to light, these shadowy aspects of ourselves are resurrected.

This point is illustrated by a traditional yoga story. It is a tale about a snake and a rope. In the darkness, a coiled rope may resemble a snake. If we encounter this coiled rope, we may react in the same manner as if we had encountered a snake: by jumping out of the way with our hearts racing. At that moment, the rope IS, for all intents and purposes, a snake. Nevertheless, if we produce a flashlight and shine it on the coiled rope, all of our symptoms vanish and the truth becomes apparent. Nothing further is required. The appearance of light dispels darkness, and our imagined symptoms vanish as if by magic. In addition, once we recognize the truth, we do not forget it. After realizing that the coiled rope is not a snake, we do not revert to our fearful state after turning off the flashlight. We remember our experiences, and if we are astute, they alter us and give us insight into the nature of our delusional perceptions.