Self Healing Through Reiki

Learning the Self-Healing Program

You must dedicate time to practice in order to acquire a thorough understanding of the Reiki self-healing process. If you practice Reiki with your spirit, mind, and heart, you will undoubtedly succeed.

The time allowed for self-healing:

Self-healing via the Reiki method is best practiced by regularly devoting at least 30 minutes to oneself. As a technique, you may utilize either the scanning or hand positions. Your focus should be on the regions most in need of healing. As the session begins, allow your intuition to carefully guide where your hands should go and which body parts they should touch. You must feel every aspect of your actions. Feel the energy vibrating as it flows.

During the session, allow your thoughts to wander to your daily activities and future plans. Your quest for self-healing will have a significant impact if you reflect on your life. This is a technique that encourages the formation of a healthy attitude. In addition, this time of introspection will make room in your mind for innovative ideas and solutions to your problems.

Self-Repair within Groups