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Spiritual Awakening & Ancient Rituals

Everyone seems to be seeking spiritual enlightenment as a goal. People have sought divine union and enlightenment since the prehistoric period. There are various ancient rituals practiced by various groups of people across the globe. Indigenous cultures that still exist today provide us with a glimpse of the ancient quest for a deeper understanding of the earth and the spirits.

Regrettably, rituals are frequently regarded as antiquated and rejected in modern society. It is dismissed as irrational, superstitious, and primitive behavior. These rituals have been categorically rejected by organized religion, which refers to them as pagan practices. Through these rituals, individuals come to comprehend and pursue spiritual awakening.

In antiquity, there were mystery schools devoted to discovering and investigating the mysteries of life, and thus touching on some spiritual aspects. These institutions thrived in Egypt, Tibet, Persia. Even here on the hallowed grounds we live upon in the US, indigenous people still practice rituals that are thousands of years old.

Ancient Egyptians performed rituals at sacred sites by chanting and making unique sounds. It was believed that these chants and sounds would stimulate a portion of the brain, which would then allow the mind to become a portal for universal energy and electrical stimulation. It was believed that this would release psychic gifts and abilities. Once this portal was opened, the individual would experience more psychic and spiritual gifts. The gifts would consist of intuition, creativity, clairvoyance, and empathy.

In addition to these enlightening rituals, the ancient Egyptians recognized the end of the year as a time of reckoning, reflection, and spiritual enlightenment. Usher Rekhat or Mother Worship would conduct meditation rituals at the end of the year to strengthen the followers' understanding and devotion. Those who participated in the meditative ritual would also gain wisdom and health.

Homa is an ancient Indian fire ritual performed with the intention of fostering good relationships, finding a partner, having children, and even removing negative karma or horoscope aspects. The practice spread from India to Central, East and Southeast Asia.

Tantra is utilized in Buddhist and Hindu traditions to express and advance spirituality. Tantra is not a true tradition, but rather a ritual that serves to preserve the spiritual core. Tantra itself signifies web and enlightenment. In ancient India, this was used to attain spiritual enlightenment and advancement. Tantra has evolved into a sexual-spiritual phenomenon in modern times.

Ancient Iran had a distinctive perspective on spiritual awakening and enlightenment. To achieve enlightenment, it is necessary to attain spiritual perfection and then soul immortality. Spiritual strength is also essential for the realization of greater powers.

In Tibet, it is believed that the creation of thangka paintings promotes the development of attitudes such as tranquility, patience, perseverance, concentration, self-improvement, and spiritual enlightenment. Thangkas paintings are comparable to the art of pata chitra, which has been documented in India since the 1st century BCE. These ancient practices continue to be employed today.

Indigenous people in North America have sacred rituals they still practice today, from PowWow's, the Stomp dance, to the AMAZING drum circles (you can feel mother nature's beating heart in time with your's and the drum). Smudging to rid negative energies. To my favorite, frybread!!! My hubby makes the best frybread. Even the way they handle their governance. It is all routed in traditions and rituals tens of thousands of years old...

Whether or not these rituals are valid and credible, many people continue to practice and believe in them today. This inner and self-communication should begin with the individual seeking spiritual awakening, as opposed to relying solely on different rituals from different regions.

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