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The Houses Of The Zodiac

We assume that the Earth is a stationary point around which all other celestial bodies revolve once per day. The chart's primary circle is divided into 12 equal segments. One segment of House corresponds to two hours of the total 24 hours.

The first house is associated with personality, the second with possessions, and so on. A planet or planets placed in a specific House influence the area of life represented by that House in a manner characteristic of that planet. The House is evaluated based on the sign in which the cusp, or starting point, of the specific House falls.

The 12 Houses represent the following aspects of life:

  1. Character, health, disposition It represents one's external appearance.

  2. Possessions, assets, and global resources. The sign on the cusp may indicate income sources.

  3. Family ties, education, and proximity. This home is associated with the mind.

  4. Home, domesticity, and parenting.

  5. Children, creativity, speculation, and love affairs. This also pertains to loose conduct or indulgence.

  6. Work, subservient. It is the disposition towards providing services to the exterior world.

  7. Relationship (love and Business) The sign on the cusp is an excellent indicator of a potential spouse.

  8. Sex, inheritance, life and death, and criminality. It is a perspective on life. It represents large corporations.

  9. Philosophical perspectives and higher education This House affects moral principles and conscience.

  10. Outside of the home are career and ambition. A social obligation that influences one's appearance.

  11. Friends, acquaintances, intellectual pleasures. It is the purpose of life.

  12. A requirement for solitude, hospital visits, and self-sacrifice. The presence of numerous planets indicates the subject's drug susceptibility.

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