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The Importance Of Clearing A Tarot Deck

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

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The Importance of Clearing A Tarot Deck:

When you bring a new deck of tarot cards into your home, you must cleanse them. Clearing is the spiritual cleansing of cards to remove any negative energy or blockages they may have accumulated. When you clear a deck of tarot cards for the first time, you also imbue the deck with your own energy. There are numerous ways to clear the deck. It depends on the preference of the reader.

It is suggested that a new deck of tarot cards be spiritually cleansed and prepared before use. This is to improve your reading accuracy. Negative energy and obstructions can interfere with the accuracy of a reading. When you clear a deck of tarot cards, you prepare it for use. In addition to cleansing the tarot cards, many readers also purify the space and objects they employ during readings. Prior to a reading, you can cleanse the reading space, the table, and any other objects associated with the reader and the cards.

The idea is that spiritually clean cards and space result in a clear reading devoid of negative or obstructive debris that naturally accumulates. This includes energy from other individuals and undesirable energy. Clean energy augurs well for the future. And positivity is desired when conducting a reading.

In addition to initial clearings, many readers perform minor cleanings between readings to maintain the cleanliness of their cards. This ensures that any negativity picked up during a consultation is discarded and eliminated prior to the next reading. Some readers choose to clean themselves and their cards after each reading, while others choose to do so less frequently. They may do it on a regular basis on a particular day and time. It does not matter how you clear your cards; what matters is that you are inviting positive energy to assist you and expelling negative energy.

All forms of divination necessitate some form of energy to conduct a reading. Clearing the cards and the environment eliminates the spiritual residue that builds up as energy. This reduces the likelihood of erroneous and false readings caused by the debris. This is especially true for card readers who allow their clients to physically interact with the cards. When someone touches a reader's cards, the cards physically and psychically absorb other people's energy. In this case, you do not want the next reading to carry the energy of the previous subject. Giving your tarot deck and space a breath of fresh air is equivalent to cleaning them. You must breathe fresh air, as must the cards and your environment, in order to provide the most accurate reading possible.

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Catherine (Cat) Valliere

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