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Your Solar Return

Solar returns are often referred to as birthday charts. In fact, the phrase "many happy returns" is derived from the solar return and is used to wish someone a happy birthday.

Your solar return is calculated to determine the precise date and time when the Sun returns to its position at the time of your birth. Depending on when the Sun reaches the correct degree, your true birthday may fall on the same day you were born, or it may fall the day before or after. If you were born on September 28, 1950, when the Sun was at 05ELIB 00', your solar return occurred on September 27 in 2004, 2005, and 2006.

Numerous credible astrologers believe that you can influence the outcome of your solar return by being in a location other than your birthplace or place of residence at the time of your solar return. Some individuals will go to great lengths to travel to another city or country for their solar return. Calculating a solar return for a different location can cause certain favorable planetary aspects to appear and certain unfavorable planetary aspects to disappear, or a planet or planets can change houses if the chart is constructed for a different location. However, while the ancients believed in constructing a solar return based on a person's location at the time of the return, they did not travel nearly as much as we do today, so they could not have anticipated our highly mobile lifestyles.

The solar return utilizes the day of the return and the 24 hours that follow the return to predict future events for the year. However, we can argue that, similar to progressions, we must recalculate the solar return for the person's residence once they return home.

How is the solar return distinct from a progression in this regard? In any case, if I traveled to New York in June, I would not construct my progressions there before returning to the West Coast and relying on those calculations. When I progress the planets in my solar returns to predict events, the most accurate chart has always been the one constructed for my residence.

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