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Two Strategies For Increasing Inner Confidence

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I've been on a self-care path for a few years now, and the most important lesson I've discovered is that the secret to everything is inner confidence.

There are many different tactics, ways of thinking, behavioral patterns, and useful suggestions for enhancing life and feeling better about self, but they are all ineffective without a solid basis. The genuine true self, or the you that we know deep down to be, is that foundation. Here are the two secrets of genuine inner confidence. The trick is that it requires commitment to inner confidence to find it and to bring it out to the world.

Let's dive in to find the two strategies for increasing inner confidence.

1. Identify Self Values

My love for personal values is great, and I frequently ramble when I talk about them. I don't apologize for that, though, because they are among the most crucial things you can learn about yourself and are essential for developing true inner confidence. Your essential values lie ten thousand feet down inside of you; they are the pillars, the foundations, and the building blocks of who you are. A value is anything that is most important to you in yourself, other people, or the world. Examples include beliefs, progress, family, fun, nature, achievement, and freedom.

Why do certain people and circumstances make you feel irate, irritated, demotivated, or deflated? It's because one or more of your values are being denied, suppressed, or repressed, which we interpret negatively because it means that a key aspect of who you are is being denied. Do you recall any instances when you felt incredibly vibrant, fantastic, or buzzing? If you live in accordance with your values, you will experience more of those moments when one or more of your principles are upheld.

No matter what happens, no one will ever be able to take your values away from you. They are always there, waiting for you to notice them and use them, so you can have complete confidence in them. Knowing your values will enable you to make decisions and organize your life accordingly. It's so easy and fulfilling because all that it truly entails is letting your true self exist in the outside world.

2. Muscle exercise

Like any muscle, confidence needs to be exercised in order to prevent shrinking and wasting away (yes, I recognize confidence as a muscle). The issue is that, in contrast to your biceps or glutes, which are more likely to remain in the same spot, your confidence muscle could be more difficult to locate. How do you strengthen your glutes or build your biceps? By performing exercises that are intended to work that muscle over time until you get the desired results.

The same applies to confidence. Let's assume that you are the cautious type of person who gets through each day doing what needs to be done and getting it done nicely, but without really pushing yourself. Because it's too terrifying or because you tell yourself "I'm not good enough," "that's not who I am," or "I don't really want it anyhow," you could talk yourself out of doing something. That kind of individual keeps to themselves and what they know to be safe and comfortable. They become less confident because they need to be less confident as they take less risks. I lived most of my adult life trapped in that cycle of self sabotage.

You must be willing to take chances, no matter how minor, in order to exercise your confidence muscles. You must be willing to push yourself in a new direction, do something different, or try something you've never done before. You need to push yourself to learn more, do more, and be more of who you are by being open to the possibilities around you. The more confident you must be and the more confident you will become, the more open you are to danger, chance, and possibility. What are you going to do to exercise that confidence muscle, which is yours?

To exercise my confidence muscle, I am going to try to put myself in uncomfortable and unfamiliar situations that challenge me and push me out of my comfort zone so I can grow and develop and ultimately expose my inner confidence.

Catherine "Cat" Valliere A'ho Namaste in Savannah GA USA

Catherine (Cat) Valliere

After a lifetime of exploration; 2020 Covid life, led me to a greater and full time focus on the gifts of meditation, alternative health and spiritual well being, a journey I've spent most of my life exploring. Anything I share comes from a place of healing from within myself and in no way is meant to replace professional medical advice. Please follow my journey...


A'ho Namaste creates peace movement content and this information is not presented by a medical practitioner and is for educational and informational purposes only. The content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified healthcare provider with any questions you may have regarding any type of mental or physical issues. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read.

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