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Learning & Harnessing Psychic Abilities In Your Everyday Life

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

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Everyone has psychic abilities. What a person is capable of or incapable of doing is not indicative of their genuine ability. Nonetheless, intuition is intriguing. The longer you listen to it, the more responses you will receive. You must therefore practice trusting your intuition, paying close attention to how your unconscious mind conveys information. For some, it is a straightforward knowing during meditation's calm periods. Others may get a gut feeling or bodily sensation. The unconscious mind can communicate by any of your senses, including the five listed below:

Vision that consists of single images or symbols or, in the case of clairvoyance or remote viewing, of more detailed visuals.

Hearing, sometimes known as clairaudience, is the ability to hear words or noises in only one ear. Initially, this can be frightening for individuals who are unfamiliar with it.

Touch is likely also classified as clairsentience, as it is a feeling intuition that manifests as physical body sensations.

Simple or complicated psychic knowledge can also be gleaned from smell.

Although considerably less prevalent than the other methods, some psychics have been known to experience a taste in their lips when processing psychic information.

There are numerous ways to practice employing intuition. Listed below are some:

If you reside in a city with frequent traffic reports, attempt to determine which roads are poor and why. This is considerably more effective if you have two routes that have an equal probability of being delayed. You may estimate which roads will get you home more quickly and then consult Google Maps. (It is not useful if one road is always terrible, as logic would then prevail.)

Try to estimate how much something will cost and where the best place to get it is without using the Internet. After that, investigate the facts.

Try to allow your instincts to direct you to the optimal parking spot. This is especially beneficial over the holidays.

Check to see if you recognize the number before looking at the caller ID.

Try to predict who will win and what the scores will be without any knowledge of the game or the teams. Then, examine the results.

The idea is to identify something you care about or something you cannot know with certainty based on your prior knowledge and experience and for which you can receive feedback. Then, consider the difference in emotions between what proved to be correct and what proved to be incorrect. Observe if you have disregarded your intuition and determine if you subsequently regret not acting on it; be mindful of how that knowledge arrived to you so that the next time it occurs, you will not disregard it.

Learn to pay attention to your body's responses to psychic attacks. One of the best approaches for psychic development is learning to distinguish between correct and incorrect information.

Work on issues you frequently hear about but rarely address. You must address your psychological baggage; this cannot be emphasized enough! The unconscious mind has access to and processes all information. If you have problems that you do not like to confront, the psychic information you receive will be twisted. As a result of their unwillingness to confront their own problems, the spirit realm has barred many individuals.

You will acquire more knowledge the more you rely on your intuition. This "knowing" will grow increasingly certain, and you will want to share this insight with others. Be ethical if you believe you have information for someone. There are numerous accounts of psychics who allegedly lost their talents after abusing their gift. It is impossible to determine the extent to which this is true, but if you do not lose your powers, you run the danger of encountering other challenges. Without a person's permission, you could find yourself in serious difficulty, including in extreme situations, facing criminal prosecution, if you divulge information about them. Be moral and considerate. Always obtain permission before disclosing sensitive information. Whether it's a sure-fire investment or the spirit of someone's long-lost ancestor, never guarantee what you cannot deliver. In this field of employment, it is better to be truthful. Remember that everyone gets days off, and psychics are no exception; you need a day off to refresh your energy levels.

Important facts to remember:

If you find yourself questioning your sanity, it is likely that you are rational. People with an initial psychic openness frequently begin their interactions with phrases like you will think I'm crazy or you will never believe me but. The very fact that you question your own sanity is reassuring evidence that you are still in touch with reality; you are merely attempting to understand it.

Not if you hear voices, but what those voices are saying is the problem. If the voices are assisting you, it does not matter if they are a part of your unconscious mind or spirits; it is acceptable to have them around. However, if the comments are destructive, nasty, or hurtful, it is necessary to disconnect from the source.

The most difficult skill to acquire is knowing what not to say. There is a great deal of information that is best kept unsaid. This is likely the most hardest skill to acquire, as it takes sound judgment, which often comes with experience and time. Some psychics assert that they utter whatever comes to mind. In these instances, I assume that their advisors are attempting to filter the information before it reaches the clients' tongues. However, the majority of you should examine what might be useful (if you can phrase it well) and what would only be damaging, regardless of whether it is true or not.

It is essential to live in the current moment. You may have vivid memories of former lives and the ability to mentally travel into the future. However, the now is where your attention should be directed. The majority of individuals forget their prior lives for a reason; they belong in the past. The future will take care of itself if you focus on the present without letting the past throw you off balance.

When you first begin receiving information or seeing spirits, it is quite difficult to turn it off, but you must. When you initially begin to develop your psychic abilities, it is usual to see colors or images (especially faces) at night. This is due in part to the regular shift in consciousness that occurs as you go asleep or wake up, which enhances your ability to perceive objects. This is, to some extent, typical.

As you come to trust your intuition and the information you receive, you will find it increasingly difficult to turn off your mind. You must turn off your psychic ability or else you may experience information overload.

Imagine your psychic information sensitivity as a number on a mental control panel. Then, imagine that number diminishing until you no longer have access to psychic information. You can always reverse the operation and return the number to its original value in the morning.

Light Love Peace

Catherine "Cat" Valliere Aho namaste Savannah GA USA

Catherine (Cat) Valliere

After a lifetime of exploration; 2020 Covid life, led me to a full time focus on the gifts of meditation, alternative health and spiritual well being. Anything I share comes from a place of healing from within myself and in no way is meant to replace professional medical advice. Please follow my journey...

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