Reiki For Stress Management

In our modern society, stress affects the majority of people. As a result of being occupied with work, home, family, and numerous other day-to-day responsibilities, we accumulate stress without realizing it. For this reason, an increasing number of people are turning to the stress-relieving techniques of Reiki, a spiritual energy used for healing, meditation, and spiritual development.

A Brief Overview of Reiki

When a person is initiated into Reiki, an initiation known as "Reiki Attunement" occurs. This is usually activated by a trained Reiki master-teacher and brings the individual into relationship with Reiki energy. During a Reiki Attunement, the individual's dense energy is cleared and released, and their etheric and chakra fields are strengthened, allowing them to receive and transmit high-frequency healing light.

Learning to Unwind

Stress typically dominates when a person is fearful, uncertain, or anxious about the current state of affairs. Frequently, the person lives in a constant state of tension without realizing it. The body reacts with fatigue, irritability, and occasionally disease. To alleviate stress, one must learn to relax and overcome everyday fears and concerns.